Make your Garage Door Stand Out from the Rest

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Imagine yourself driving or walking towards your home and seeing your home looking great from the street – isn’t it satisfying? One area that steals the attention from the exterior of your home is your garage door. Maintaining it, or better, giving it a makeover will do a lot for the overall look of your home!

Ways to make your Garage Door Stand Out

Choose the perfect design that will fit your home

There are 3 common styles for a Garage Door; Traditional, Contemporary and Carriage House. Make sure to choose the style that will go with the design of your whole house. Here’s a quick description of each style:

Contemporary Garage Door – This is famous for a modern looking house. With that simple and minimalist design because of its clean lines and functional details.

Traditional Garage Door – This is usually manufactured with Steel or Wood and with a roll-up mechanism and horizontal, hinged panels.

Carriage House Garage Door – This door usually has hinges and multi-pane windows. A common design is that of a barn door.

Consider the materials to be used

Prioritize also in checking the materials for its durability, maintenance, and price. There are various materials to choose from like Wood, Steel, Metal or Aluminum. The most commonly chosen material is Steel because of its price, quality, low maintenance and its style.

Paint it

Choose a color that will complement your whole house. You can experiment on the color by making it contrasting from your house so it would stand-out. Choose from making it lighter or darker. But be sure to be considerate and pick a color that would still neutralize the garage doors and not make your neighbors cringe!

Add some outdoor lights

Having lights outside your garage door has an extra benefit. It just doesn’t make your garage better looking but it’s also good for safety measures. You can choose either from ground lights or Up Lights. This is a great way to improve the look instantly and brighten up your home!

Add other accessories

There are decorative handles and hinges, potted plants, trellis or anything that adds texture. Just don’t get overwhelmed with displaying a lot of accessories and remember to keep the balance so it won’t look like you are trying hard to draw attention.

Maintain and Keep it Working

As days, weeks, months and years go by, like almost everything, the garage door is prone to get old and rickety. Whenever a problem occurs regarding your garage door, always hire professional garage door technicians who are trusted and can do the job effectively and efficiently.

Try experimenting with other things you can do with your garage door. There are a number of ways to spruce up that door and make it even more attractive! You’ll love staying in and seeing people stop and stare in front of your home admiring what they are seeing. Improving the way it looks is just as important as its functionality.

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