Effective Ways to Make Your Home Much Safer

key hole ways to keep homesafe

Our house, where we are to lounge, sit on the couch and relax, feel comfortable, where our family is at, and most especially what we call home. But we never know what problems or circumstances could come to our humble abode and give us life-threatening situations.

Most common thing homeowners know about is just to look on the peephole and see who’s knocking on the door, but that is not the only thing we could do to make our home safer. So we have provided you below, the ways to make your home a safer place.

Check your doors

Check your doors not to only see if it is locked, check if it functions properly. You never know, it may have a potential weakness making robbers or intruders break into your homes easier. Check if your door is free of any damage, your door might be damaged making it weak and easy to break, so always keep in mind to examine your doors.

Fool intruders

When nobody is home, keep your radio, your television, or your audio system playing.

When intruders learn someone is home it lessens the possibility of your home being a subject for burglary. Practice this technique everytime you leave home.

Check your windows

Check your windows especially if you have a sliding window with no grills. Windows can be an easy entrance for intruders. Check your windows just like how you check your doors. Check them not only to see if locked but also check its condition, if it locks properly if it has no damage or so. A damaged window can easily be broken by intruders. So check for potential weaknesses.

Have a big dog

Dogs benefit us from efficiently barking at strangers or intruders, they alarm us if they sense, smell, hear or see an intruder. They are not only our best friends but they are also our watchdogs keeping us safe. Use a “beware of dog” sign, intruders won’t like to encounter dogs especially big ones that could reap their head off. Even if you don’t have a dog, consider putting the sign just to ensure you.

Get a smart alarm system

Smart alarm systems could benefit us greatly. If the alarm system is on and a window was open or a door was opened unauthorized, the alarm will go off also sending an alarm to the nearest police station, giving the warning that your house is being invaded. This alarm system comes with smoke detectors so when you’re unaware that there is a fire the alarm will go off also alarming the fire department, having the fire crew on their way right away.

Get a smart CCTV system

Having a smart CCTV system will always let you see your home, whenever or wherever you are, as long as you have an internet connection, you can connect to your cameras to see and check if everything is alright.

Build a doomsday bunker

Have a bunker built secretly, make sure your bunker is hard to locate and access. Equip your bunker with food, medicine, water, blankets, phones, radios, clothes, and weapons. Make sure your bunker is sturdy and strong. In case if an armed intruder invades your home at least you know where to go and bring your family. Make sure your bunker has enough signal to contact the police or other emergency hotlines.

Have a bright home

Don’t put too many trees surrounding your house, just have a few trees and a few bushes. Make sure to always prune them to make them look neat. Purchase light systems around your house externally and internally. Having a bright home will make intruders have second thoughts on invading your home.

Have a firearms license

Having a firearms license gives you the right and privilege of purchasing a firearm, whether it is just a pistol or an AR. But make sure to use them responsibly. Have a firearm cache in your home it is better if it’s in the doomsday bunker. If you purchase a pistol, place one near your bed like under the lamp table.

Educate yourself & your family

Having knowledge about security and safety is a must. Enroll yourself and your family in self-defense classes, research about home techniques and tactics about security and safety. Have a daily home safety routine check to practice your family on always making sure that your home is safe.

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