5 DIYs to Maintain a Clean, New Looking Wood Fence for the Longest Time

maintaining a nice wooden fence
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As homeowners, we usually want a warm and aesthetic feel to our home that everyone can find comforting and soothing to look at. One easy and popular way to do this is to install wooden fence which instantly enhances the appearance of your home.

Here are simple, and easy ways to keep them in tip-top shape and make them last longer than you expected.

Do Immediate Damage Repair

Here is a job you can get done for a few minutes to an hour. Always act ahead and look out for damages like splitting, rotting, warps or other mishaps that may get worse over time. Also, due to expansion and contraction, the nails and fasteners may loosen with time which will require you to drive in. One advantage of having wooden panels is being able to replace one panel instead of the whole fence which will cost a LOT more.

Prevent Pests: Especially Termites!

We all know Termites eat wood and can easily destroy wood frames and foundations quickly, especially when they have a HUGE infestation. Softwoods like pine, fir, cedar, and redwood are very attractive to termites – and unfortunately, these are the common woods used for fences.

Here are simple preventive measures to keep termites away from your fence:

  • Clear leaves and debris from your fence’
  • Use Borax – an effective natural insecticide
  • If the fence is buried, try digging them out and leave the whole fence exposed to the air

Seal then Stain

If you ask how often you should seal and stain, well – that depends on the weather or climate of your location. The Rainier it is, the more often you need it to be resealed. But an easier way to keep track if you need resealing is to check the wood itself – if the wood soaks in the water rather than beading up, it’s time to do the job. Staining doesn’t just add protection, it also enhances the color of the wood making it look more attractive and new.

Note: ALWAYS Seal before staining

Deal with Molds and Mildew Immediately

For a much less hassle way of dealing with Mold and Mildew, be sure to spot them early enough. Even the well maintained and brand new fences aren’t exempted from them. A very simple way to deal with them is to wash them off with water and soap followed by a mildew cleaner.

Your Fence Needs some Painting, too!

This is one of the best ways to add protection to your fence as well as enhance its appearance – and it is recommended to be done every after 3 to 4 years. Now, don’t panic when paints chip and peeling some areas within that years, that’s normal and an easy touch up is just to sand the area and apply a new coat of paint to that area.

Tip: Use a Paint with Primer – this lasts longer

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