Read This Before Fixing A Leaky Roof

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The roof is a fundamental part of a house. Without it, we will be drenched in water once it is raining. That is why it’s troublesome once our roof is damaged and water starts to damage our ceilings, walls, and other things inside our homes.

If you noticed that you have a roof leak, it is advisable to fix it immediately no matter how small it is. Even for a short time, small leaks can lead to bigger problems – it can cause the spread of molds, rotten framing and may lead also lead to more damage to your ceiling.  Fixing the damaged area immediately may even save you tons of money and time for repairs.

The hardest part of fixing a damaged roof is locating the damaged area. Once you have located the area, it will be easier for you to do the repairs. You can even do it yourself without the help of any professional roofers. That’s how easy it is!

The most common source of roof leaks are usually items that penetrate on the roof. These can be roof vents, dormers, chimney or anything that can be projected through the roof. When you are trying to track down where the leak is coming from, it is best to look for any stains like black marks, water stains or molds. Once you notice these marks, the damaged area will most likely be just above it or can be a few distances to the left or right.

There are many ways on how to repair a leaking roof but the fastest way to repair it is by patching the hole that is causing the leakage with a piece of galvanized sheet metal flashing. You can easily find this type of sheets at any hardware or home depot center.

If you decide to do the repairs on your own, remember to always be cautious because it could also lead to a severe to life-threatening injury especially when it is your first time doing it. It is advisable to fix your roof when it is completely dry because a wet roof is slippery and could be very dangerous for you. It is also best to use rubber-soled shoes because they provide the best traction when working on a roof.